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Policies and Procedures

Queensland School Sport Council

The Queensland School Sport Council oversees the strategic and operational functions of all school sport programs within the state. The programs are delivered by our school sport regions and sport-specific committees. All three education systems are members of this council along with representatives from Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens and Sport and Recreation Queensland. Management procedures outline the role, scope and authority of this organisation.

Queensland School Sport Management Group

A management group, representing the 12 sporting regions and all 21 sports, ensures the policies and procedures of Queensland School Sport are actualised. The Management Group meets four times a year.

Management and Competition Procedures, which have been developed over time, form the foundation on which the Queensland School Sport program operates.

QSSMG Competition Procedures



Currently there are 34 Sport-Specific Committees and one Disability Advisory Committee in our representative school sport program. Each of our school sport programs is managed by a committee of dedicated teachers who utilise a suite of policies namely, Management, Competition and Financial Operating Procedures, which guides the management and operation of State Championships and other associated events. Refer to the individual sport for specific guidelines.​