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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us  and we will provide a copy via the school office ​​​​QSSU_Officers_contact_list.pdf

Folder: BoysBoysBoys
Folder: GirlsGirlsGirls
Folder: ResultsResultsResults
2014_Hockey_12_years_state_championship_draw.pdf2014_Hockey_12_years_state_championship_draw115 KB
qld-boys-team-list-with-shadows.pdf2014 Queensland 12 years and under boys hockey teamqld-boys-team-list-with-shadows74 KB
qld-girls-team-list-with-shadows.pdf2014 Queensland 12years and under girls hockey teamqld-girls-team-list-with-shadows43 KB
2015 10-12 years Hockey Draw updated.pdf2015 10-12yrs Hockey Draw (PDF / 126KB)2015 10-12 years Hockey Draw updated126 KB
QSSH-Day-1-results.pdf2015 Day 1 ResultsQSSH-Day-1-results109 KB
QSSH-Day-2-results.pdf2015 Day 2 ResultsQSSH-Day-2-results99 KB
QSSH-Day-3-results.pdf2015 Day 3 ResultsQSSH-Day-3-results103 KB
QSSH-Day-4-results.pdf2015 Day 4 ResultsQSSH-Day-4-results104 KB
2015-QSSH-final-placings-boys.docx2015 Final Placings Boys2015-QSSH-final-placings-boys38 KB
2015-QSSH-final-placings-girls.pdf2015 Final Placings Girls2015-QSSH-final-placings-girls49 KB
2015-QSSH-Boys-State-Team-List.pdf2015 Qld 12 Years and Under Boys Hockey Team2015-QSSH-Boys-State-Team-List49 KB
2015-QSSH-Girls-State-Team-List.pdf2015 Qld 12 Years and Under Girls Hockey Team2015-QSSH-Girls-State-Team-List60 KB
2016 Hockey State Championship Competition draw (PDF, 396KB).pdf2016 10-12yrs Hockey Draw (PDF 396KB)2016 Hockey State Championship Competition draw (PDF, 396KB)396 KB
2017 State Championship draw.pdf2017 State Championship draw2017 State Championship draw379 KB
2017 State Championship Wet Weather Draw.doc2017 State Championship Wet Weather draw.2017 State Championship Wet Weather Draw126 KB
QPSS-results-day-1.pdfQPSS Day 1 ResultsQPSS-results-day-180 KB
QPSS-results-day-2.pdfQPSS Day 2 ResultsQPSS-results-day-279 KB
QPSS-results-day-3.pdfQPSS Day 3 ResultsQPSS-results-day-381 KB
QPSS-results-day-4.pdfQPSS Day 4 ResultsQPSS-results-day-476 KB